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Affordable pricing and awesome customer service.

Our FAIR Price structure is based on the navy’s KISS principal. A simple and easy to understand pricing structure that is FAIR to all concerned. No zone differential charges, fuel surcharges, wait charges or additional pieces in order charges. The only other charge could be weight charge for orders over 100lbs .

Kelowna Courier Service

Parrot Couriers

Parrot Couriers specializes in safe, fast and affordable local deliveries.

We are a 100% locally family owned Kelowna courier service. Our team is made up of hospitality professionals (chefs, managers, and restaurant owners) who in total have over 100 plus years of giving exceptional service to the public. To date this year, we have delivered over 60,000 parcels, boxes, and envelopes with only 5-star results. If you know any hospitality professionals, you know they will always strive to go above and beyond expectations for their customers while being courteous, conscientious, flexible, and competitive.

Our Services

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We service the Okanagan valley from Penticton through to Vernon and all points in between and do this 7 days a week. Currently all vehicles leave for Vernon and Penticton from Kelowna in the mornings.

Curbside Pickup
Grocery Delivery
Wine Delivery
Bank Runs
Boxes & Envelopes
Prescription Pickups
Costco Pickups & Deliveries
Construction Supplies
Legal Documents
Automotive Parts Logistics
Inter-Office Correspondence
Ecommerce Delivery

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"I want it all – and I would like it delivered"
‘Bette Midler’

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  • Amanda Lin
    Parrot Couriers has been critical for keeping my business running over the past month. Clients love that I can get their products to them the same-day at an affordable price. Highly recommend!
    Amanda Lin
  • Natasha Coburn
    I had a last minute delivery that needed to be done within an hour and these guys came through. Within 15 minutes someone was at my office to pick up the package and it was delivered on time. Thank you Parrot Couriers!
    Natasha Coburn
  • Daniel S
    Used this service for the first time today. Fantastic customer service and very professional. Would absolutely recommend and will use Parrot Couriers again.. Thank you!
    Daniel S
  • Becci B
    Reliable, fast, great pricing! I hired Parrot Couriers to pick up my Ikea order in Kelowna and deliver to Kamloops. He was able to deliver on short notice. Jim was so great to work with, I will be using Parrot Couriers again!!
    Becci B
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What Customers Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

During Covid - Residential Pickup

- The delivery should be left outside whenever possible. In cases where you would rather not leave it outside, please provide the phone number of the residence and our courier will call as he/she arrives so that the person can leave it outside safely, without having to physically hand it to the courier.

During Covid - Residential Deliveries

- Couriers will be instructed to use the "knock, drop, and go" approach to eliminate interactions. They will knock or ring the doorbell and leave the package in the mailbox, mail slot, or safest spot they can see near the door. If requested, we can have the courier call the number provided when he/she arrives so that they know it is there.

During Covid - Apartment Buildings

- Our couriers will not enter the buildings, therefore it is imperative that we are provided with phone numbers for the courier to call upon arrival, and then the resident must come down for the exchange.

During Covid - Business Deliveries

- To ensure that our couriers can practice proper physical distancing, please help us by creating well marked courier areas in your offices and warehouses where drivers and bikers can pick up and drop off deliveries, when possible.

Delivery Times

- All delivery times subject to weather and traffic conditions, human error and or acts of God.


- All local shipments insured for $2.00 per pound to a maximum liability of $50.00.
- Any additional insurance may be purchased @ $5.00 per every $100.00 of declared value.
- Insurance for domestic or international delivery is $7.50 per every $100.00 of declared value.
- Any insurance purchased over $500.00 must be forwarded in writing for authorization by Parrot Couriers management.
- Any claims must be forwarded to Parrot Couriers in writing within 10 days from date of delivery.

Dangerous Goods

- Dangerous Goods are charged by packing group $5.00-$20.00.

Redirect / 2nd Attempt

- Redirect / 2nd attempt is calculated by the distance between the postal code location of the courier and the postal code of the delivery is to be made.

Cubing or DIM weight

- DIM weight or Cubing charges will be quoted if necessary.

Rate Changes

- Rates and Services subject to change without notice.

Improper Packaging

- No liability shall be recognized by the carrier due to improper packaging or improper labeling of shipments.

C.O.D. Deliveries

- Please let dispatcher know in advance if order is to go COD.(Cash, cheque or credit card accepted)

Fragile Shipments

- Shipments labelled fragile could have an extra charge if extraordinary costs are incurred to safely transport.

Late Fees

- Invoices must be paid within 5 business days of Statements date

Invoice Terms

Any established business is automatically given terms of 7 days. Invoices go out every Monday for the week previous and can be paid by credit card on your web portal, by e-transfer or cheque. If these terms do not work for your accounting system please call or email Parrot Couriers.

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